1. Popular Easter Traditions Around The World

    People all over the world celebrate Easter in many ways. In America, we honor the religious holiday by dying eggs bright, fluorescent colors, searching for candy-filled baskets Easter morning, and indulging in a delicious ham dinner with loved ones. Generation after generation have followed these Easter traditions, and we’re excited to introduce a brand new Easter tradition for children!   Suga…Read More

  2. The Best Holiday Children’s Books

    Birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, Halloween, and more holidays is the perfect time for family traditions. If you have children, your family most likely follows several holiday traditions. Many of those traditions revolve around receiving gifts and candy. We aren’t here to discourage those traditions rather than introduce new ones that still bring joy and memories to your family every holid…Read More

  3. Tip: Reading Repetition

    To further engage the children in the story ask them to listen for the repetitive phrase in the book and to say the phrase along with the reader each time they hear it.…Read More

  4. Tip: “Growing” Anticipation

    To build excitement and anticipation: Sandy Szabo, Jenny Szabo, and Tara Finegan, the three mama bears of New Beginnings Childcare of Suffolk in Bohemia, had the adorable idea to use little twigs after the children planted their candy tree seeds. It looks as if the tree is slowly sprouting and builds the excitement and anticipation for the children Thank you for the awesome idea! For additional fu…Read More

  5. Tip: Punch It!

    For candy that is too large or too round to wrap the wire tree branches around, try using a hole punch to punch a hole in the wrapper and just slide the branch through the hole to hang it on the tree. To do this, you will need to buy candy that has a wrapper that extends past the candy, like this: Glitterati Tropical Fruit Charming Hard Candy – 3 lb. 10 oz Bag…Read More

  6. Tip: Colorful Candy

    Tip Bright, colorful candy looks so FUN & pretty on the tree, such as these lollipops: Assorted Sassy Suckers Striped Ball Lollipops: 100-Piece Bag | CandyWarehouse.com Online Candy Store Swipple Pops Petite Swirly Ripple Lollipops – Rainbow Cherry…Read More