Family traditions are what make every family unique, because every tradition tells a story. Whether the tradition was established to celebrate the family’s cultural background or for another reason that for whatever reason has just stuck around, family traditions provide a source of identity. The author of Sugar And The Candy Tree knows the importance of keeping family traditions alive, especially finding ways to create new ones that will be cherished throughout the years.


Sugar And The Candy Tree is a sweet children’s book that introduces a brand new Easter tradition that you and your kids will love. As you finish dying Easter eggs and are preparing for the Easter Bunny’s arrival, your children will be eager to read the story of a young girl named Sugar and her adventures alongside the Easter Bunny to fulfill her dreams of growing a candy tree. When the magic seeds are planted before bedtime, Easter morning will be twice as exciting when they wake up to search for hidden eggs and see a fully grown candy tree!


When you order Sugar And The Candy Tree to introduce a new Easter tradition, your children will feel inspired and embrace their own unique imagination. This story book for children is a great family tradition you and your family can start this year. Order yours today!


The Importance of Family Traditions

Family traditions are rituals that bring families together and create positive memories for children to look forward to and reflect on as they get older. When family traditions are introduced to young children, it provides a sense of belonging and plays a role in shaping a child’s identity. Every holiday, gathering, or family function brings a sense of togetherness that lends a certain sense of spirituality to our everyday lives.


Traditions Teach Family Values

Every child is taught values and morals—whether they’re taught directly through a tough life lesson or indirectly through habits and rituals. Rituals like a daily family prayer reinforce the family’s faith, and reading nightly bedtime stories teaches education values and promote family bonding.


Pass on Cultural Heritage

Cultural heritage is passed down generation to generation by families celebrating their cultural traditions. When families choose to introduce their holiday rituals and traditions to their own family, they teach their children about who they are and contribute to their personal identities.


Creates Lasting Memories

When adults are asked to think of their childhood, most people think of a holiday or how every summer vacation their family took the same trip and how meaningful it was. Traditions and family rituals are created during moments that are often unintentional, but end up meaning the most. Even the smallest tradition that a family creates can allow a child to hold on to that memory, and it can even turn them into a happier and more generous adult.


The author and the family of Sugar And The Candy Tree have created their own unique family tradition that they want to share with you and your family! Visit our site and order your family’s new favorite Easter tradition today!