Birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, Halloween, and more holidays is the perfect time for family traditions. If you have children, your family most likely follows several holiday traditions. Many of those traditions revolve around receiving gifts and candy. We aren’t here to discourage those traditions rather than introduce new ones that still bring joy and memories to your family every holiday.


Sugar And The Candy Tree is a brand new Easter children’s book that is unlike any other children’s book. It tells the story of a little girl named Sugar who wants to brighten people’s day by growing a magic candy tree. Sugar is discouraged by people who don’t seem to have time to help bring her dreams to life, so she recruits the help of the Easter bunny! This story is full of fun, adventure, and shows that dreams can come true when you use a little imagination and creativity.


The Best Holiday Children’s Books

Our Easter children’s book is a great alternative to the common gift-giving tradition, which inspired us to introduce other children’s books you can read with your family on other holidays! If you are looking to break the mold of giving gifts on holidays then continue reading for a list of popular holiday children’s books you and your family will enjoy!


Birthday Books

Who doesn’t love birthdays, especially as a kid?! Birthdays are full of presents, cake, ice cream, parties, and a whole lot of fun. Some kids might get too caught up and expecting too much on their birthdays. One way to get them to settle down and appreciate the day in a different perspective, is to read a birthday book! Here is a list of fun birthday books to help your child settle down without taking the attention away from them.


  • Happy Birthday, Mouse!
    Written by the same authors of If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, this book is a sweet and fun birthday book that your child will love!
  • My Very Happy Birthday
    This is a personalized book that you can order online with your child’s name to make them feel special while learning to recognize the spelling of their name.
  • Happy Birthday To You!
    This book is written by the adored Dr. Seuss who is known for unique and silly children’s books that warms the hearts of parents and children alike


Christmas Books

The Christmas holiday is full of traditions. From opening presents Christmas mornings, to spending time with family and friends throughout the Christmas season. The hustle and bustle of Christmas can make the time go by fast, inadvertently causing families to overlook the importance of the holiday. Fortunately, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of Christmas children’s books that you can read with your children to slow down the pace while still creating family traditions. These Christmas books are just a few of our favorites:

  • The Polar Express
    This book follows the same tale as the popular movie and is just as fun to read as it is to watch!
  • Olivia Helps With Christmas
    A fun and silly story about a little pig named Olivia who is excited for Christmas but manages to find herself getting into mischief along the way!
  • Llama Llama Holiday Drama
    A one-of-a-kind story about an eager llama who cannot wait to celebrate Christmas but runs into a few hiccups as the holiday approaches.



A time for spooky costumes, delicious candy, scary movies, and lots of fun! Halloween is a favorite holiday for many kids, but all the sugary treats can get overwhelming. Instead of celebrating Halloween with non-stop treats, send them to bed with a Halloween story like these:


  • Click, Clack, Boo!
    A story about a farmer who is not a fan of Halloween. The farm animals take notice and play spooky tricks on the farmer to get him into the spirit.
  • Big Pumpkin
    This Halloween story is a classic tale that has been a child’s favorite for years!


Easter Children’s Books

The Easter holiday is celebrated to recognize the day Christ resurrected. Naturally, there are lots of Easter stories that focus solely on the religious background. For some families, Easter is celebrated with a lesser focus on the religious aspect, and that is okay! If you are one of those families who appreciates the holiday as an introduction to spring time and a time to spend with family, then our children’s book is just what you need! Sugar And The Candy Tree is an inspiring story that can be read every year to remind your children that no matter how big their dreams are, they can achieve them! Our story was inspired by our young daughter who wanted to bring her story to life, and that’s exactly what we did! We hope you and your family will find the same joy and excitement that we had creating the book!


Be sure to visit our site and order your copy of Sugar And The Candy Tree and watch the magic in your kids’ eyes light up when they wake up to their own candy tree!