People all over the world celebrate Easter in many ways. In America, we honor the religious holiday by dying eggs bright, fluorescent colors, searching for candy-filled baskets Easter morning, and indulging in a delicious ham dinner with loved ones. Generation after generation have followed these Easter traditions, and we’re excited to introduce a brand new Easter tradition for children!


Sugar And The Candy Tree is a fun, fresh, and inspiring Easter children’s book that kids of all ages will love! The 32-page book tells a tale about a young girl with a big imagination who dreams of growing a candy tree. She recruits the help of the only candy expert she knows—the Easter bunny! The Easter bunny helps the young girl bring her dreams to life and spread joy on Easter for kids allover.


Our Easter children’s book is the first of its kind that comes with magic seeds that are planted the night before Easter. The next morning, kids wake up to a wondrous candy tree that is filled with their favorite candy! Sugar And The Candy Tree is a great gift idea that is sure to bring you and your family lots of memories that you’ll hold on to forever! If you’re ready to introduce a new Easter tradition, visit our site to learn more and order Sugar And The Candy Tree today!


Easter Traditions Around The World

Starting new traditions with your family is a great way to bring family, friend, and the community together. While we’re familiar with the many Easter traditions in America, we wondered what other countries do to celebrate Easter. Here is what we’ve learned:



Hungarian residents take part in a unique Easter tradition known as “sprinkling.” Sprinkling takes place on Easter Monday and boys and young men playfully sprinkle perfume, cologne or water over a female’s head and ask for a kiss. Legend has it that water has a cleansing and fertility inducing effect.



Haux, France makes a giant omelet made from 4,500 eggs that feed approximately 1,000 town’s people. This Easter tradition began when Napoleon was traveling through the south of France with his army where they stopped for omelets. Napoleon was extremely fond of his omelet and ordered the townspeople to gather all of their eggs to make him and his army a giant omelet the following morning.



Easter in Sweden is similar to Halloween here in the United States. Swedish children will dress up as Easter witches wearing long skirts, colorful hand scarfs, and painted red cheeks. The children will go door-to-door with their drawings and paintings hoping to exchange them for delicious Easter treats.



On Good Friday, locals celebrate by eating codfish cakes, hot cross buns, and flying handmade kites. This country-wide tradition is said to have begun when a teacher from the British army had difficulty explaining the ascension of Christ to his Sunday school class. He made a kite in the shape of cross to symbolize the ascension to Heaven.



Similar to our tradition of dyeing Easter eggs and hiding them for children to find, German’s also color Easter eggs. However, instead of hiding the eggs, they proudly hang them in trees to display the bright colors and celebrate Spring and Easter.


Seville, Spain

Most likely the largest Easter celebrations in the world takes place in Seville, Spain. About 52 different religious brotherhoods parade through the streets of Seville reenacting the crucifixion of Christ. Thousands of townspeople watch the processions of marching bands, decorated candle lit floats that illustrates the Easter story.


As you can see, there is a variety of Easter traditions that take place all over the world, and this is just a small preview. Some traditions follow the religious story, while others are intended to celebrate the return of Spring and time spent with family, friends, and the community. Sugar And The Candy Tree is another exciting tradition you can begin with your family! Read the story together with your children, plant the seeds, and watch as they wake up the next morning in complete amazement to a beautiful candy-filled tree! The Easter children’s book was inspired by the author’s daughter and brought to life with illustrations by the author’s sons in hopes to bring your family closer together on Easter and throughout the year.


Do you want to bring a new Easter tradition to your family? Order your copy of Sugar And The Candy Tree or the deluxe set complete with magic seeds, the tree, and the book!